Monthly Services

The Public Efficiency Project and CityApps℠ are provide local government organizations access to services based on membership levels.

Free - Entry Level

Just sign-up with a government email address; when validated, you will be granted entry-level access to all qualifying applications for use within your organization as well as citizens and your suppliers.


Starting at $1 per user, tiered upwards of $100 per user, based on the number of full-access applications in use. Join at a level that meets you needs, mix Free and Basic memberships as desired.


Obtain unlimited access for your entire staff, citizens and ventors/suppliers. Membership is based on the size of your city, and can accommodate your budget cycles with monthly, quarterly or annual billing.

Terms of Service


New account verification typically occurs within one business day. The current status of your membership as well as usage statistics will be visible on your main dashboard.


You can cancel at any time, without notice and without cancellation fees. Additionally, at any time you wish, you can download all the data that you see in our reporting systems (in general, that's all the data you see on screen, and a bit more). You can also put any (or all) systems "on-hold", such as for seasonal use - we will retain your data during the off-season at minimal cost.


We treat all information as private. We will not sell, trade, nor give away your contact information nor any of your data. More importantly, we store all PPI (Personally Identifiable Information) double-keyed and encrypted on remote systems - the ultimate in breach protection.